Master key to success

There’s a weapon you use
More than you are aware;
It is the key to the door
Of success;
It enables you to achieve
Whatever you want to achieve;
But you take it for granted;
Ignorantly, for sure;
The world is the way it is
Because of the way we use
This formidable weapon;
With it, we can do and undo;
With it, we can burn the whole world.
With it, we can build or destroy
It is everyone’s weapon;
We can use it to:
The one who masters how to use it,
Can use it to win hearts;
Can use it to generate hate;
Can use it to become rich;
Can use it to sell;
Can use it to persuade;
Can use it to comfort;
Can use it to make peace;
Can use it to start a war;
Can use it to put food on their table;
Can use it to get into relationship with God;
Can use it to get God to know their heart;
To know their needs;
To know their fears;
To know their worries;
To know their anxieties;
Who can name this amazing weapon?
It is a boundless weapon we call words.
It is the master key to the peace
We are yearning for in the world;
A master key to unity and harmony;
A master key to success.


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