Talk about yourself and grow

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Do you know that talking about yourself can take you to great heights? Many people are doing it and growing.

Others want to hear about you. Your story interests them. That is why many people read interviews.

We want to help you tell your story and grow. This is very easy. You tell us at least ten interesting things about yourself and share your link; and we shall visit your blog and share your link in our community.

Post and enclose your link.

These random points can guide you:

  1. Your name;
  2. Where you hail from;
  3. Where you live right now;
  4. How you earn a living – your job;
  5. Your family:  brothers and sisters;
  6. Your mother/father;
  7. Your favorite food;
  8. Your favorite pastime;
  9. Your hobbies;
  10. Your dreams;
  11. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend;
  12. Are you married?
  13. Your husband of wife;
  14. Your children;
  15. Your best color;
  16. Your successes,
  17. Your failures;
  18. Your frustrations;
  19. A turning point in your life;
  20. Why you are blogging;
  21. How you find blogging – benefits; frustrations;
  22. Your favorite authors;
  23. Your role-model;
  24. Are you a Christian, Muslim, etc.
  25.  Do you sing?
  26. Do sports?
  27. Travel?
  28. Do you like politics?

You can add to this list. You are free to say as much as you can about yourself. But you must say at least ten things.

Enclose your link. We will publish the post here with the link for our community to visit you.


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