We prayed before going to bed

Everyday, as a family we end our day by coming together to pray before separating to go to bed.

This was our family prayer before I write this post:

Almighty Father, thank you for our so many blessings today. You abundantly blessed us this day and we enjoyed peace in our home and vicinity.

Thank you for all the blessings of this day to us and our neighbors.

You provided our needs. First of all, you gave each of us good health. No one fell sick.

You provided us enough food to eat and stay healthy and strong.

Thank you for taking care of our family members wherever they are.

We pray O Lord for more of these so many blessings.

You know what we are going through in our country. We pray O Lord, that you give us a lasting solution to this problem that is rocking us. Touch the hearts of our leaders and all the principal actors in this matter. Grant them the wisdom they need to solve this problem in a way that all will be happy.

As we go to bed, kindly send your angels to come and guard us while we sleep so that we may sleep soundly throughout the night.

Bless and protect all our family members wherever they are, and bless and protect our neighbors and everyone in this community.

This our humble prayer, to you we pray, Amen!

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