Go for a win

Do you have something

You want to do 

Which you know is right?

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Go ahead and do it.

Don’t fear. 

Don’t doubt. 

Don’t listen t

to discouraging messages

from people

Who will tell you

Not to try it. 

Do not  let fear

Or doubt take control of  you,

You will never do it

What you like to do;

And what you can do.

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Fear and doubt

Are great dream-killers;

Discouraging messages

Are dream killers;

There are people

Who seem to specialize in

Discouraging people

And killing dreams;

They will stand on your way;

Inject fear and doubt into you;

And tell you it cannot be done.

They will tell you,

That you must not try;

That you will fail.

That you will lose.


Tell them you will not lose;

Tell them you will not fail.

Tell them you will succeed.

Tell them you were born to win.


Then go ahead and win.

You are an achiever;

Achievers defy all odds.

They close their ears

To discouraging messages.

They turn off fear and doubt,

And courageously march

Forward with their dreams

Until they win,

And carry home the trophy.

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