SIWO Global News 20th September 2018 #158

Knowledge is Wealth

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War Child Charity Uses Psychological Support To Help Children In Refugee Camp

A group of children from the 100 families are living in Gamawa displacement camp in northern Iraq.  In the city of Duhok, several refugee children have assess to having their dreams come true because they have their confidence back. The problems and challenges they faced were told to the caseworkers. These were stories of lashing out, crying a lot, bedwetting, waking up screaming, fear of walking outside and violent outbursts.

Now after two years of psychological support Eman who wanted to be a lawyer, could again think, it might be possible.

Man Booker Prize Shortlists

Six people are in the running for the Man Booker Prize for 2018, with £50,000 to the winner.  Daisy Johnson is the youngest, she was once a bookseller who has based her book, Everything Under on a woman who reunites with her mother after she gave the daughter away.  The waterways of Oxford is where she lives is the setting for the story.

There are three other women and two man on the shortlist.  American Rachel Kushner’s The Mars Room is about a lap dancer serving a life sentence. The writer went behind bars for the research.  Richard Powers’ The Overstory, an eco-epic set on the Pacific Northwest forests of America.

Canadian Esi Edugyan has Washington Black is a story of a child slave.  Londoner Robin Robertson is a poet, who has written a verse novel about following  a traumatised D-Day veteran through the US.   Belfast-born Anna Burns has a book in which an unnamed city sees death squads prowling the streets.  Winning gives a great boost to the sales of the book with last year’s winner, Lincoln In The Bardo by George Saunders selling a quarter of a million copies, and almost two-thirds of that came from the win.

Inspirational Story/ Quotes

“You don’t choose your family.”


Content- BBC NEWS.  Evening Standard

SIWO REPORTER- Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful


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