Who dares to judge?

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Every woman I know is beautiful:
Every man I know is handsome;
The reason is simple to understand;
God is the greatest craftsman
In the whole wide universe;
No craftsman is better than him;
None will do anything near him;
Everything he does is the best
That can ever be done;
There is nothing like an ugly
Human being in this world of ours;
Who dares to judge God’s work?
You do have but limited eyes;
A limited mind, and limited heart;
You dare call God’s work ugly?
If you can do a better job, do it;
If anybody can do a better job,
Let them go ahead and do it;
I vehemently say no my friend!
Stop judging the work of
The creator’s perfect hands;
Why Call some beautiful,
Some handsome and some ugly?
None is ugly; all is beautiful;
God does not create junk or thrash;
God produces the best
That can ever be done;
Who tells you the thin woman
Is more beautiful than the fat one?
Or the one fair in skin
Is more beautiful than the dark one?
Skin color has nothing to do:
Neither does body size;
All are beautiful, all are handsome.
God created them and saw they were good.


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