Why we think darkness is bad

moon and stars

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

We think darkness is bad, right?
Yes, many think darkness is bad;
And do you know why?
They won’t see anything
Unless light comes;
And they want to see;
And under the cover of darkness,
Evil things are done;
I understand you;
But mind you,
It is not darkness that is bad;
It is the bad use of darkness
That is bad;
And that makes darkness look bad;
Darkness per se is not bad;
Darkness was created by God;
And God does not create junk, does he?
God created darkness for good;
We use it for bad;
And so made it good;
We see it with our limited human eyes
And call it bad;
Like we say black is bad;
If you don’t see beauty in black,
Check your eyes;
Think of all the wonderful things
That are done in darkness;
You have a great opportunity to sleep
And rest when night comes;
God meant darkness to be a special moment
When he joins husband and wife
And they work together to produce
The most important product which you know.
Why are we chasing darkness away
In the name of civilization?
Why make darkness so diabolical?
We give darkness such a bad name;
Why are we misusing darkness
To destroy what is so beautiful?
Yes, when you were little,
You were told darkness was bad
By those who were told darkness was bad;
You accepted without questioning;
And grew up believing;
And now it looks so normal;
Why should you have questioned?
Or denied?
Didn’t they know better?
Yet, they were wrong;
Totally wrong;
Darkness is just different from light;
It has its good an its bad side;
Just like light;
But the creator meant it to give more beauty
To the world;
Let us stop giving darkness a bad name;
Let us stop misusing darkness.
Darkness is not bad darkness is good.
Darkness is very good.
It makes you enjoy the moon and the stars.

Thank you @ Carly. Your comment on my first post on darkness, why I love darkness inspired me to further explain my belief about darkness.

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