You have talents

Everyone has talents;

But many are no aware

Of their talents;

Know you have talents;

Develop them;

and exploit them

To become the star,

Or superstar

That you are meant to be.



2 thoughts on “You have talents

  1. Many won’t share their talents, because they don’t want to bother. I believe we haven’t begun to see the real, wonderful, talent out there. We may not get to see it, because people own their talent. It is their choice to share it. Shy people don’t like to share their paintings, but for me, painting helped with grieving over my sister’s death to cancer. I painted and it was therapy. Little training has been there, and my dad taught me for two years. I took several college classes, but didn’t major in Art. I believe God gives talent, and it should be used. Other wise it is like tomatoes dying on the vine, or flowers that are never chosen, and show to the family. For me, my grieving stopped, because I came into the sunshine of His love, and accepted that my sister was in heaven where there is much gladness, and joy.

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