Calling Success to order

You taste so sweet, Success;

Not like the fellow called Failure;

You are made of sweet stuff;

Those who have tasted you

Know how delicious you are;

But you have a problem;

A very serious problem;

You like to be too much

To yourself;

You don’t go easily

To people;

That is not good;

People love you;

Everybody loves you;

And want you to be their friend;

But you are so selective;

Why do you like some people

And hate others?

I don’t support that;

You behave exactly like

The other fellow called Money;

Though he is worse;

Honestly, I don’t like

The way you two behave;

I see you are friends;

You discriminate.

You have to change;

Stop discrimination;

Stop loving some people

And hating others;

Stop going to some

And not to others.

Know that I love you

And want you to be my friend;

If you reject me,

I will be very angry.

I hope my point is clear.

That is my message to you; And a call to order;

I want you to take it serious;

No discrimination; Stop it;

Go to everybody. I mean everybody.


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