Learning Series 5: TEAMWORK

In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking  and improve efficiency !!

TEAMWORK   (TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE) :  We know that two brains are better than one. Teamwork always produces better results. But it also includes many skills. This write-up discusses such skills.

What happens when there is a function in your house?
All of you divide the work among yourselves and work in small groups. Your family, friends and relatives work as a large group and achieve the target. The success or failure of any activity depends on the way the team coordinates and works.

Observe the picture here….Capture

Six ants are trying to drag a piece of twig from one bank to  another. They are working as a team. It is impossible for a single ant. In the same way, when we take up a bigger activity it includes so many stages.

Don’t Aspire to be the Best in the Team, Aspire to be the Best for the Team !!

aCaptureOnce a crow, a tortoise, a deer and a rat were good friends. One summer, the tortoise came out for a breath of fresh air. A hunter saw it and caught her.  He bound it with ropes to sell in the town. The crow noticed the trouble. She assembled the deer and the rat and planned to save the tortoise. She assigned roles to the rat and the deer and promised to coordinate the whole project.   There was a stream on the way. The deer pretended to be dead and lay under a tree. The rat waited in the hole nearby. The crow took position on the tree.  When the hunter saw the deer,  he thought he had a double profit that day.  He kept the tortoise at a distance, went to the deer to confirm if it was dead. The crow crowed once and the rat came out silently and cut the rope of the tortoise which at once slipped into the water. Following this she crowed twice and the deer sprang to her safety. Thus the rat, the deer and the crow achieved their mission of saving the tortoise. At the end, the tortoise thanked the friends and they all celebrated the day.



1. I Admit I did Wrong!
2. If You Please…
3. What’s Your Opininon?
4. Thank You!
5. I am Proud of You!
6. WE together!


Tips for Effective Teamwork:
• Understand the team goals, objectives and time frames
• Know your role and responsibilities in relation to the team.
• Respect others’ opinions, perspectives, thoughts.
• Share knowledge and expertise.
• Acknowledge and appreciate others’ contribution
• Empathize while resolving conflicts.
• Manage the conflicts within team effectively.
• Provide coaching/ mentoring to needy members


How to Behave in a Team :

  • Be pro-active and positive
  • Be respectable and fair
  • Be open to new approaches
  • Communicate openly
  • Share issue with the team
  • Use consensus
  • Encourage discussions
  • Celebrate accomplishments




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