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Tourism Expo Japan 2018

The Tourism Expo Japan is one of the world’s largest tourism fair. It was held from August 13th to  September 20th  2018, the exhibitors included the 47 prefectures in Japan and over 100 exhibitors from all around the world.  The NHK travel programmes were popular, so was the Guam booth, Guam was being promoted through Instagram campaign.  Visitors could have locally roasted Spike Coffee or Latte Stone cookies or have a photo taken with Miss International Guam 2017.

Faith and Feminism in Brazil

With one of the worst records in the world for violence against women, Brazilian women are using their faith to challenge this sexism.  The woman leading this is Nadiedja Souza, a Christian Feminist who left an abusive relationship.  She formed the Baptist  Social Action Committee,  for 8 years she has been helping other women to believe that Jesus came to save them too from sexism, racism and prejudice.  Majority of the women are Afro-Brazil.  This is important In the very conservative patriarchal country and church society.

A surge to the Protestant churches from the dominant worship of the Catholic church but the problems continues.  52% of women make up the Brazilian population, the country has the highest femicide rate in the world.  Last year 316  women eere murdered and thousands suffered domestic violence. The rise of 6% in femicide and a rise of  12% black women. The women have become politically active and are holding workshops, discussing abortion, feminist theology and the doctrine of submission.  However, for they don’t have a candidate in the elections but will continue their fight.  The First round of the elections will be on October 5th. The interviews were by Ms Sullivan.


“The most important thing in the world is family and love. “


John Wooden


Content- BBC NEWS . NHK News.

SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie


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