SIWO Global News 23rd September 2018 #159

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State Funerals-As Tanzania Mourns Ferry Passengers

Mv Nyerere capsized 50 metres from its island destination of Ukata with 224 people killed.  It is alleged the rush to one side of the boat caused it to flounder.  It has since been discovered that the captain left an untrained man to navigate the ferry.  Many of The passengers did not know how to swim.  The Prime Minister Mr Majaliwa, who attended the service said the operators and captain of the ferry would be arrested.  A memorial will also be built for the victims on Ukata

Australian Elections Due In May

An increase in support is expected for the government in the forthcoming elections in May.  The centre- right government has seen a surge in citizens wanting to vote for it.  However, the recent leadership coup is still a causing anger among the people.   Opinion polls will scrutinise the electorate for developments.

Inspirational Story/  Quote

“The memories we make with our family is everything.”


Candace Camero Bute


Content from BBC news.    VOAnews .com

SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful


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