SIWO Global News 24th September 2018 #160

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Labour leader Cornyn Feels Pressure To Back New Brexit Vote

At the Labour party conference in Liverpool the shadow chancellor John Mc Donnell gave the nod towards Labour backing a second referendum.  This is if the Government refused to hold a general election.  The two years of the Government trying to come up with a viable Brexit Deal and not getting clear support from the EU and the Cabinet has put Theresa May in a difficult position.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has waded in by adding pressure on Jeremy Cornyn to back a second public vote.  He did not have any compliments for Mrs May Chequers Deal.

Indian  Solo Sailor Rescued 2,000 miles off Australia

Abhilash Tomy has been rescued by a French fishing vessel about 2,000 miles off the coast of Australia.  Abhilash had injured his back when his boat capsized during the solo round- the-  world yacht race. It happened in a storm but he had been in contact with organisers of the event via text and Twitter but his batteries were running low.  The 30, 000- mile race had put him far from help.  Commander Tomy was to be taken to a research centre on Amsterdam Island.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“It’s all to do with training: you can do a lot if you are properly trained.”


Queen Elizabeth II


Content from BBC news. Evening Standard.

SIWO REPORTER:Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful




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