The day success will open your door and start to flow in




Can you imagine the lovely day
Success will open your door
And start to flow in!
Just imagine a flowing river!
That is what I foresee for you;
If you are not yet seeing
The success you so much desire,
And have so much worked for,
Let your enthusiasm not drop;
Don’t let your spirits go down;
Stay strong;
Stay positive;
And fight even harder for it;
prepare enough room for it,
While you wait;
When it starts to come
Let it not take you by surprise.
Don’t lack enough space
In your warehouse for it.
Seeing how determined you are,
It’s easy to imagine
The day success will open
Your door and start to come in;
I am happy for you;
But make sure you don’t make
A mistake;
And the worst mistake
You can make will be to give up;
Or to fold your arms and do nothing;
If you do that, success will
Make an about turn;
And vanish before you open
Your eyes.
What you have to do is to keep going.
Keep on;
Until success starts to flow
Do not relent in your effort.





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