Try service

Have you tried service?
Have you tried serving people
And tasted the feeling if joy
That comes with it?
Try service;
Service gives joy,
When you do it wholeheartedly,
Nothing can be more rewarding.
Than service to humanity;
That is what we call it;
Success comes from service;
True service, true success;
No service, no success;
If you want to succeed, serve.
Have you been rendering service
To others?
What service do you render?
In what way do you help others?
To help is to serve;
To serve is to help.
If success is not yet smiling
With you,
Try service.
Look for useful service and render.
Service never fails to deliver;
If it is useful,
It will bring back
A basketful of fruits.
For your success, try service!
For remarkable success,
Try remarkable service.


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