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we like you to meet this man who retired January 30, 2009, a date a few weeks short of 36 years’ employment at the same plant (if multiple owners) , where he was a quality guy. The plant makes hydraulic and industrial hose, and takes pride in its quality workers and quality product.

He found quickly that retirement was the job he was born to do! he’s been busy since the first day, and never seems to run out of interests and options to fill the time in productive, interesting ways.

Though his university major was English/Journalism/Advertising Copywriting, he had a long interest in photography and cinematography. He was, in fact, a US Army motion picture photographer in the early 1970s, stationed with the 69th Signal Company (Photo) in Kaiserslautern, then-West Germany. That job took him many places in Europe, lots of places in then-West Germany, and several times to then-West Berlin, his favorite assignment!

He attempted to find employment after his army days in motion picture photography or videography, but ran into the curious problem of being too qualified for jobs in his area.

If you like to meet this man who is spend a lot of his retirement with cats, and posts a lot of cat videos, he runs Weggieboy’s blog/.  

Cat lovers will enjoy this blog. This lovely blogger says he posts ” lots of cat videos because they are cuter, more entertaining, and fun to share around the world than videos of me pontificating and promulgating. I enjoy editing the cat videos into little stories where possible or into simple vignettes where the material shows cat behavior, if not a complete story.”

Visit Weggieboy’s blog and enjoy cat videos, cat stories and the beauty of cats and the cat world.


In our directory today you will find The Creative Junks’ talented blogger with an inspiring post  Keep Going. She fires you up with this post as she does with other posts on this top rate blog. One of my favorites here is Make Your Day Count. You will find enough on this blog to inspire you and keep you going even when the blows of life want to knock you down.


IF YOU ARE A LOVER OF PHOTOGRAPHY,  T Ibara Photo is the blog to visit. This amazing blogger, Takami Ibara, based in Japan shares beautiful photos to keep you in peak form all day. See Time to fly. Or you may like Chance Encounters.


Money is a precious commodity. We all want to earn good money to live enjoyable lives. But earning a good salary is not all that it takes to have money. You may earn big, but stay poor if you don’t know how to save. Fred Rogers of Simply Chronically ill blog believes you can put an end to poor saving which can make you stay poor. She offers a resource to help you save money. Don’t miss making use of this useful information. You will find much more like this inspiring poem Rain which I highly recommend.


Life solved blog is one of our favorite blogs. Do you think in or out of the box? Life solved blog tells us in a beautiful post to Break out of the box. An old message given in a way you find refreshing.


Are you interested in the world of girls? Mercy Ngum, in Girls Corner International offers you much of what she and her fellow girls are doing? check their event, HERE COMES. I got thrilled by this site when I read 10 HEALTHY HABITS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


One of our aspirations in blogging is to get more readers, follows, likes and comments. Some people have them with ease. others don’t. All over the blog there are offers of what you can do to increase traffic to your site. SIWO’S  Dynamic blogger offers you the opportunity to grow your blog with  the Weekly MEET and GREET Share your LINK Party. Make a stop there and you will be happy to participate.


SHOHBA IYER A formidable Indian blogger has come up with an amazing idea on SIWO: Learning series.

Here she talks about TEAMWORK, a very useful post. What we can do together far surpasses what we can do as individuals. But knowing how to build a team is not given to all.


How often do you explore your inner self?

OUR CHARMING, Star blogger Amulya Bhardwaj runs ASK YOUR INNER SELF on SIWO.   Join Amulya to enjoy some beautiful moments together.


INFORMATION GIVES POWER. Inform yourself. Siwo’s awesome reporter, Susanna Dziworshie has a knack for news reporting. She runs SIWO’S GLOBAL NEWS. Make a stop there and see what’s coming out of  the newsroom.


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