Are you in this? If you are, tell us “I am in.”

We of SIWO are committed to helping people succeed. We like to see you succeed as a blogger, writer, husband, wife. We want to see you succeed in business if you are in business. In short, we want to see you succeed in life. We want to see you shout victory.

Actually, we do not only want to see you succeed. We want to help you succeed. We have been helping people succeed. We are committed to this. We are passionate about it; and derive great joy from it.

We have come to the realization that you can get a lot of fulfillment from helping others succeed.

We are usually overjoyed when people tell us something we said has made their day; is what they needed to hear or has boosted their self confidence; and we get these words of appreciation a lot of times.

The way we help or support others is to educate, encourage, inspire, or motivate them.

Also we promote their work as best we can, and offer them opportunities to get more exposure in order to draw more support from others.

Every body can do better with encouragement. We have seen people transformed because they got encouragement. Because we know how powerful this instrument of success can be, we spare no effort to maximize it.


That is why we have picked up our directory project again. We want to create a directory which will give all those who feature in it good exposure.

We have a big dream for all those that God has put on the path of our organization, SIWO. we dream to see you not only succeed but to have a place on the world map of successful personalities. Don’t laugh or blush. I don’t want to believe you sell yourself short; but if you do, we like to see that reversed. Sell yourself high. Yes, you can do it. You can make it big.

I am not promising too much, am I? I am talking from experience. Take a look at where we are coming from and where we are at the moment. 600.000 page views, more than 100 authors working with us, a board of Directors of about twenty five committed, distinguished persons from around the world, is something to write home about. And yet, we have only just begun.

Our dream is big. We have achieved our dream; but we are fortifying it; expanding it; deepening it. Our dream was to bring the world together. We have people from more than one hundred countries together here and committed to our dream. We are only going forward not backwards. And on a daily basis our numbers go up.

We do not see our race as a sprint. It is a marathon. We are thus not in a hurry to arrive. It is a relay marathon. When our energy saps, we will hand the relay baton and the race will continue year after year.

Do you know our ultimate destination? An excellent world. It is our belief that to have an excellent world for all to live in, we must make love prevail. Let’s make people see that love is what matters; that love should be our final thing. When you inspire or motivate or encourage someone to succeed, that is love. You show love to the person. This instils in the person the love to show the same love to others. Can you see the spiral effect?

Also, when you help someone to bring out their best, they will have nothing but the best to offer the world. We give what we have. Help people to be the best people they can be and they will give the world nothing but the best; and once people give their best to the world, they are taking the world to excellence.

This is our dream. This is what SIWO stands for. Lofty as it may be, committed as we may be, many as we may be already, we still need more people to come on board. We want the number of every country here to keep growing. In terms of numbers, our list is topped by the USA and India. They quickly got the dream and jumped on board. But others are coming on strong. We are on the move.

Every body needs support. Everybody needs encouragement. Everybody needs motivation, even the most powerful people in the world. Your encouragement and support will do us so much good. I am not referring to financial support. Money is not a concern or a priority. We know that if we do our best, we will find all the resources we need for an excellent job. We need that you support this lofty dream by being here, reading, liking, commenting, sharing,bringing in people, making it your dream.

Are you with us? Do you buy this dream? Will you journey with us and bring others to join us?Take note that it is a selfless endeavor. But worth it. If you are for it, introduce yourself in the comment box, say your country , the blog you run and tell us ” I am in.”

May God bless us as we pursue our lofty dream of making the world an excellent place for all to enjoy.


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