#Ask your innerself πŸŒΈ

Hey everyone !! 🌟

I hope you all are shining brightly 🌟

Today, we’re going to practice gratitude.

🍁 There are a lot things that we’re thankful about. Life, sunshine, nights, days, joys, love, etc.

🍁 I want you to close your eyes and think about today. Think about the little and insignificant looking things to be grateful about. 🌸

🌸 It can be your teacher helping you out in study, or someone holding the door open for you or the even your friend making you smile. 🌸

🌼 In the rush of life, we tend to ignore the small happiness and moments of joy that occur in our life. Let’s try to find them, and be grateful for them.

🌿 When we start acknowledging the little joys in our life, we start living and enjoying our life more 🌿

Blessed-Be 🌸



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I am just an ordinary girl who writes not just to share what she's feeling, but also to treasure every bit of her life on the paper. Writing makes me explore my thoughts, my feelings, myself.

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