Set on flames!

Success! You talk of
And you talk of human
Who is succeeding?
If a man’s beautiful
Is set on flames,
Someone’s beautiful car
Is set on flames,
Someone’s certificates
Go up in flames,
All things precious
To someone
Go up in flames,
A fellow’s dreams all
Go up in flames;
What a terrible tragedy
That can be!
Which too often happens;
What must one do?
It’s a trial of nerves;
Too hard in deed!
But life must continue;
One must pick up
The broken pieces,
And continue;
If that’s you, move on.
Life is hard;
Yes, it is hard;
But it isn’t supposed
To be a bed of roses.
Sweet things;
Tragic ones not left out;
But I wont dwell on
The negatives;
But on the positives.


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