SIWO Global News 26th September 2018 #162

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Benny The Beluga Whale To Get A Free Willy Experience

For some weeks now, a Beluga whale has been swimming in the mouth of the Thames. Nicknamed Benny it has attracted sightseers as well as scientists.  While the former took photos of it, the former have been watching for signs of distress.  Scientists have been ready to rescue the whale but it had no problems.  There seems to be a plan to let it stay till spring as the river water is now getting cold and this would suit Benny who normally lives in the cold Arctic Sea.  Come spring Benny could get a Free Willy experience as did the whale in the film.  With the help from animal welfare experts, Benny would be lifted and flown to the Arctic Sea.

Brett Kavanaugh Sworn As Supreme Court Judge

Brett Kavanaugh won by 50 to 48 votes.  The 53 year-old Yale university graduate was sworn in for life, in a private ceremony after three women accused him of sexual misconduct.  President Trump and the Republicans are happy while protesters were crying and trying to storm  the door.


Content from BBC news. The Telegraph.

SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful


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