Compliments (Yes, that’s the title)

An excellent read on how to make meaningful compliments.

Rosa's Ramblings

I was given a compliment today. I was told that when I listen “You really listen and that makes me feel safe and important.”

I’m almost 100% certain that my husband and daughter would disagree, but whatever… (See what I did there? Hilarious, I know!)


I like compliments. I like receiving them, but I especially like to give them, knowing how much it can mean to people. And if a compliment that I give someone means nothing at all, it doesn’t matter. Nobody was hurt.

For years now, I have been consciously trying to move away from the superficial (and dangerous) culture of obsession with appearance and I’m always aware of this when I compliment people. By which I mean that I consciously try to give compliments that aren’t appearance based as much as possible.

Think about it though, how nice would it be if we all put a bit…

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