Vehicles drive along Ocean Drive in South Beach as Hurricane Irma arrives at south Florida, in Miami Beach, Florida

I hear the diesels in my head as I awaken in a sweat. This hurricane is pounding; the rain is coming down in sheets, even in the dark. Now exhausted, the highway waits to take me home. I fight to climb through the winding elevations of the tall timbered forests. It’s a marathon, and I’m too old to compete; my heart is for the giving, not for racing my fellow man.

My God, oh how I love thee! You grant me a sense of peace in this treacherous darkness and guide me far from the unknown lights. Lead me where I know not for your faith in me is more abundant than mine. I try to keep up, but my body is worn out so please carry me, Father, as dawn draws ever closer. Protect me, for I have not a license nor a permit to follow you through the encompassing forest. Only my faith leads me through this mess. I’m torn – I’m homebound where home isn’t my dwelling anymore.

You led me to higher plains and shown me routes of straining engines and taut muscles. I come to be with YOU, dear Lord. I am yours forevermore. Take my hand for I am weak; my strength relies on You. But the faith I find in the early morn is where wisdom remains sleeping. So, I awake in prayer and am homebound with you beside me.

My gracious God, who teaches us patience and a faith that can move mountains, I ask you to help me when the dawn’s light arrives. It is there I’ll be showered in your love and dressed to prepare for your Word. I’m yours Father… I’m homebound.

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