How strong is your faith?

Do you have faith in God?
Do you have faith in yourself?
Do you have faith in your country?
Do you have faith in prayers?
Do you have faith the future?
I know you have faith in God;
That is a good thing;
He is everything;
He can do everything;
He is almighty;
All powerful;
He can do and undo;
He does what he likes;
It is good if you have faith
In him;
But how strong is your faith?
It is not enough to say
“I have faith”,
It does matter
How strong is your faith;
If your faith is weak,
That is not a good thing;
Strong faith matters;
The faith that resists
All storms;
You must watch your faith;
When it starts to run down
Like a car battery,
Recharge it.
What you need is an ever
Strong faith.

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