Learning Series 7 : DON’T CONFORM!

In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking and improve efficiency !!

DON’T CONFORM ! (BE YOURSELF, THINK FOR YOURSELF): You are influenced by peers/friends who mould your personality either into a better or bad one. Monitor such pressure from peers. IDENTIFY POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE PRESSURES FROM PEERS AND PLAN TO OVERCOME NEGATIVE PEER PRESSURE IN DIFFERENT WAYS.

Consequences of Negative Peer Pressure:
• Losing sight of one’s goals
• Spending money lavishly
• Getting addicted to alcohol/ drugs
• Becoming lazy
• Losing personal values
• Becoming depressed and stressed
Qualities of Positive Peer Pressure:
• Respecting others
• Working hard
• Participating in sports and clubs
• Making healthy decisions
• Achieving good grades
• Volunteering in the community
• Learning leadership skills.
Skills necessary in dealing with Peer Pressure
• Self-Awareness
• Coping with Stress and Emotions
• Decision-Making
• Problem-Solving
• Interpersonal-Relationships

Assess your awareness of Positive and Negative peer pressure by marking P/N against each situation :
1. Malati is smart and studies very hard. Her friends do not like to study further. Malati too doesn’t want to go for higher education. (P/N)
2. Raju takes care of younger siblings. He loves to help his mom. His friends force him to “hang out” with them. (P/N)
3. Sangeetha doesn’t plan her studies. But her hostel mates make her schedule her preparation along with them.(P/N)
4. Raghu’s friends force him to go for jogging along with them every day morning. (P/N)
5. Anil knows the difference between right and wrong. When his friends encourage him to make fun of a girl, he does it. (P/N)

  • How many of have you accepted your friends’ proposal to go to a movie even when you have an exam the next day?
  • How many of you insisted on your parents’ buying you high-end mobiles as your peers carry them?
  • How many of you got attracted to compulsive habits like smoking as you wanted to conform to your group of friends?
  • Have you ever realized why do you do so?

Yes, to belong to the group.

But there are both advantages and disadvantages in such a behavior of conformity. Setting good goals and developing good character are the positive side. However you also feel the pressure and tend to pick negative traits too…


Sagar has completed his graduation in Business Management. He is from a small town with aspirations to do his Masters in Management from a reputed business school. However he wants to work and plan for his further studies. So he has got hold of a good job and joined classes for his admission test. Initially it went well as per his plans. As time progressed he became good friends with colleagues at office. His new friends always enjoy outings after work in the evening. Though he avoided them initially, the constant pleading of his friends made him yield to the pressure. He started missing classes frequently. Naturally Sagar’s preparation for the admission test was not up to the level he planned. He wrote the exam on the scheduled date. The results were announced. Sagar stood no chance of admission for that year. He realized that he lost one valuable year.

Negative pressure from peers is never direct but is subtle. So observe and care for your life.

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