Quit Quitting!

This is thrilling. I feel so inspired by this. Bravo!

Around learners

Today I would like to share with you how I overcame a “give up” situation underwent by a lot of students through their academic life, especially during their exams.

Ok, here it goes…

I was one among the aspiring 10,40,368 students who wrote their 12th std CBSE board exams. I am just a normal student with normal grades and a normal life just like the other 10,40,367 normal students.

Speaking about “normal”, there is a small problem with life, it loves to play “gamble” with normal people. Just imagine that you are a horse running an endless race, while life sits on the gallery betting on your endurance.

Although we have a long academic year before the exams, 80% of the learning is done during the month prior to the exam. I hope most of you can relate. My last month was a disaster. Constipation and fever were my greatest…

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