Sweetheart that never was

Dear Raida,
It is hard to believe I still
Think of you;
And the sweet days together
We spent;
How on each other
So much love we poured.
With love, your eyes danced
Each time you set eyes on me;
And I believed
I had found a love for ever
To adore;
You promised
Never to leave me;
Was I a fool to believe you?
Where are we today?
Into thin air
Our love has vanished;
Leaving me with
A deep hole in my heart;
You left me for another;
Someone you told me
you hated with all your heart and soul;
How am I to think of you?
How am I to think of our
Days and years together,
You only pretended
To be in love with me?
I send you this letter,
To close the chapter
On the love that we never
For each other had;
But pretended we had.
The sweetheart that never was.



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