You denied me

You denied me my chance from heaven;
You denied me a place in the sun;
You denied me my blessing;
You denied me the opportunity to smile;
You made me cry instead of smile;
You denied me my right to a happy life;
Why did you do that to me?
I cried to you to give me what was mine,
But you were adamant and denied me;
You denied me the chance to an education;
You denied me the chance to be warm.
What did you think you were doing?
You wanted to stop me;
Can you see the folly of what you did?
That you can’t stop what can’t be stopped?
What you denied me, you helped me to get;
See today what you actually denied me;;
The opportunity to be lost in the world;
What you denied me, is what you gave me.
How can I ever be too thankful to you?



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