If you start badly…

Today, I got up to a slow start;
And did not feel happy
About it;
I do like when I get up to
A quick start;
I like when I get up bouncing;
And ready to go for the day;
To face the challenges ahead;
But things do not always go
My way;
That does not discourage me;
I am strong;
I always turn things around;
I always motivate myself;
I always turn negatives
To positives;
You will find many obstacles
On your way;
Turn them into opportunities;
Your stumbling blocks
Must become your stepping stones;
A slow start must be turned
Into a quick start.
If you get up with a tear
In your eye,
Turn it into a smile.
If your day starts badly,
Make sure it ends splendidly.
If failure comes to you,
Convert him and baptize him
With a new name – Success.


6 thoughts on “If you start badly…

  1. I loved your message about turning things around. When our bodies are young and fit we almost take off at full speed in the morning. Anymore I can hardly remember that far back. Now it takes an hour in the morning another hour at bedtime. The in-between time is usually filled with plenty of pain. I spend that time talking to the Lord. He lightens my load considerably that is something to live for. Thank you for your blog.

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