Learning Series 8 : EMPATHISE!

In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking and improve efficiency !!

EMPATHISE ! (STEP INTO THEIR SHOES): Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s difficulties and point of view.


In the following situations, observe the difference between the responses of a coach and those of a teacher.

Anu missed her basketball training for three months as her mother had fallen severely sick. Her coach refused to listen to her. He also refused to take her back. Madhav, a hardworking bright student, is very irregular to classes. His teacher talked to him and listened to his problem. Madhav’s alcoholic father is forcing him to stop college and go for work. His teacher convinced Madhav’s father about his son’s abilities and also helped the boy in getting a part time job.

Who showed kind understanding? This kind understanding is empathy.


Choose a Yes or No and assess if you are the genie of empathy.
• I’m disturbed by others’ pain. Y/N
• I’m upset if someone is treated disrespectfully. Y/N
• I like to make people feel better. Y/N
• I have feelings of concern for people less fortunate than me. Y/N
• I listen to my friends when they share their problems with me. Y/N
• I can know if others are sad even when they don’t share with me. Y/N
• I can be “in tune” with other people’s moods. Y/N
• When people around me are harassed or troubled I try to be of help to them. Y/N
The more number of yes for the above statements more empathetic you are.ecapture1.jpg
Follow these tips and become empathetic!
• Develop positive curiosity about strangers
• Challenge prejudices and discover commonalities
• Offer physical affection
• Offer help
• Volunteer
• Use your imagination
• Treat people as important
• Nurture relationship
• Identify with their personal experience
• Listen with your head and your heart


Instead of Putting Others in their Place; try and Put Yourself in Their Place !!


I do not Ask the Wounded Person how he feels; I myself become the Wounded Person – Walt Whitman


FEEL OTHERS’ HEART ! Young Kiran is fond of puppies. His mother took him to a seller of puppies and said, “you are getting a puppy for your birthday!” Kiran jumped in excitement. There were many cute, cuddly, and healthy puppies of different colours jumping around. His mother tried to help him in his choice. She showed him a hairy, tall and bright milk white puppy. However, Kiran’s eyes fell on a very small brown puppy in a corner. He said “I want the brown one”. The seller said, “It can’t be your play mate. It can’t jump and run around you .It has a limp in its right leg.” Kiran replied, “That is why I want the brown one. The other puppies are jumping around and are playing with one another. The brown one is left alone without playmates. I want to be its playmate.”
Observe the emotions of Kiran that made him choose the brown pup with limp.


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