Wait till the end

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I see you in real jubilation;
What is the good news?
Did you win the trophy?
You have to watch out;
Don’t dance lame before
The real dance;
I know you scored the first goal,
But that does not make you
The winner?
You will be mistaken
To think it does;
You could be the winner
If that is the only goal
Scored in the match;
Or, if you score more goals;
And your opponent doesn’t
Score like you;
You don’t celebrate victory
Until the match has ended;
Your opponent may score
The first goal
And the second goal
And third goal,
When you are still
On your lone goal;
Haven’t we seen this happen?
Take nothing for granted
When you play a match;
The winner is only known
At the end of the match;
Not before;
Things have appeared to be
Going wrong when they are
Going right;
And things have appeared to be
Going right when they are
Going wrong.
You always wait till the end
Before you concede defeat
Or celebrate victory.
If you start celebrating
When the match is still on,
You may make a fool of yourself;
Make no fool of yourself.


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