Do you trust to Tell?

Hello world, today is World Mental Health Day and in spite of all the sensitization and advocacy, the statistics remain bleak. Many people it would appear don’t seek for help in the early stages of the mental and emotional challenges because they fear being stigmatized and marginalized. It is a sort of catch 22 in my opinion. If you don’t seek for help, you risk not getting any help and may deteriorate; if you dare seek for help, you risk getting stigmatized, poor treated, more trauma and you may still deteriorate.

What do we do in our changing world, we are all different and I believe that is ok.

I therefore wrote a blog post called: “Trusting to tell” because I took a big leap of faith, I trusted to tell, and I got so much help from different angles and I am now in a position to help others. May you be inspired and motivated especially on this day which is celebrated the world over as World Mental Health Day under the timely theme: “YOUNG PEOPLE AND MENTAL HEALTH IN A CHANGING WORLD”. I hope my post on my own ‘trusting to tell’ journey really inspires and motivates us all to ‘trust to tell’ and get the help or listening ear we have been longing for.

If you want to get in touch or get more details about my related service, please visit my website to this effect




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