Have you seen this?

Have you seen this?
I am talking of

Siwo’s daily online
Directory referrals
It’s something I like you
To see;
And tell me what you think;
I want to talk of you also;
You have written a great post;
Which needs to be read
By more people;
In reality,
People are looking
For such stuff;
But cannot make time
To search for it;
Some don’t even know how
To search for it;
Hence, the beautiful stuff
You have poured is lying there
And wasting, while people
Very much need it.
Help us to tell them
About it?
If you have any questions,
Let us know;
Make time to see
What we have written
And will write about others;
As they will make time
To read about you.
Help us build this directory
For all of us.
They say seek
And you shall find;
We are seeking your support.
Agree with the teaching
That ‘seek and you will find.’


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