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We are happy you are with us on this journey. We enjoy what we are doing. To go through the web and fish out great posts for you is challenging but worth it. Can you imagine what it means to us to recommend a post to you that can transform your life! So much joy. Please, enjoy our recommendations today!

1. Who is in love? Are you in love? Don’t be surprised I ask this question. I got something on the web by Anne WANGECHI which can actually save you from a disastrous love relationship. Her article published on Pulse Live is titled 6 clear signs you are in love with the wrong person. I love the points Anne gives. And if you want to dig more into this subject, there are many other articles on this, like she gives 5 types of women you should never marry. I know you are asking: what about men? She has something about men: 6 types of men you should never date.

2. I found a post in which Sandra Wu makes an incredible revelation about an amazing woman’s reading prowess. The lady admits it’s true. Therese, a business Development manager living in Berlin, Germany, read 100 non-fiction books in one month. Amazing, isn’t it? You will read this in This Woman reads 100 books in one month. The sweet part of it is everyone can do it. All is to know how. Therese actually discovered an app which made it not only possible but easy and enjoyable. Imagine how this can help at a time when we don’t have much time to read whereas we cannot operate well and succeed unless we are reading.

3.  You might have heard of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  This is actually the title of a classic by Stephen Covey which has sold more than 25 million copies. But have you ever known these habits or taken time to read about them? Jonathan Jenkins has done an excellent job on his site  Motivation and Marketing, by giving us a summary of the book which is easy to read and an excellent red for any one who wants to climb the ladder of success.

4. We are used to reading quotes by great writers and leaders of the past, haven’t we? But there are many among us who are saying things that will be quoted and quoted for many years to come. You might have said or written many things worth quoting. Take a look at these 45 Quotes by great Contemporary writers. Don’t be surprised if you find your words among them.

5. Have you seen anyone who earns a very good salary but who is always poor? There are many people like this. They earn well but do not know how to protect their money. It is necessary for us to take measures to protect our money otherwise we may end up poor. I found this post about protecting your wealth. It’s a very interesting and useful article which I recommend to you.

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