SIWO Global News 30th September 2018 #166

Knowledge is Wealth

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Iconic 747 Jumbo Jet “Queen of the Skies is 50 years old

In 1968 the 747 Jumbo Jet was flown and it was a year before man went to the moon.  It was exciting times and passengers could fly in the giant in the sky and it made transatlantic travel affordable for many.  The start of the 747 was due to a military request.  Built by Boeing, two of its aeroplanes have served the President of the United States as Air Force One.  Boeing has built 1500 747s and 500 still fly today.

Theresa May believes in the Brexit

Theresa May refuted Boris Johnson’s claim that she did not believe in Brexit and her plan was “deranged”.  In the Sunday interview programme with Andrew Marr, Mrs May made it known that, despite how the talks went she would still make a success of her plan.  The former Foreign Secretary said he had an alternate plan and  further domestic ones, which includes one for the Irish Border issue.


Content- BBC NEWS.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful


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