You remain so sweet

Dear lovely one,
Do you know?
You remain so sweet;
You remain so nice;
You still have your place
In my heart;
Did I disappoint you?
I didn’t intend to do so;
I had the best plan;
To make you happy;
But you never wanted it;
Never could we agree;
Even on simple things;
My best intentions hurt you;
And often, I got reminded
You did not need me;
Then who can be so stupid;
If you are not needed,
Stay off;
And leave someone alone;
I had no choice
But to call it quits.
Now, you must be happy;
I am happy too;
I am making my tears
My smiles;
My sorrows, I turn
Into joys;
Where I was weak,
I am strong;
Yes, no need to force it;
I love you for being
So frank;
It’s helped me to sink
No further.
You are really so sweet.
You remain my best;
Though worlds apart we are.
Your once,


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