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  1. Do you fear to take risks? A lot of people fear risk taking. Muhammad Ali says “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. ” He has a point. If you have not read “Better Odds Await the Risk Taker by Yechen, I recommend it to you to read.
  2. Do you like to look stylish? Maybe you know about foral outfit. If you don’t, or want to know more, I invite you to meet one of the most charming bloggers I have met,  Tashnee Mavee. She will tell you How to look stylish on a budget. And if you want more, you will find a lot such as how to look beautiful. Mavee says to look beautiful is not a crime. Look at Before and after.image
  3. Blogging is about supporting one another isn’t it? New bloggers need support. You may like to meet a new blogger and lend them your support. I recommend this blogger to you. Let him introduce himself: 

    Hello! My name is Kevin Ethan. I’m a new blogger here and am in the process of writing my freshman novel. I look forward to everyone’s suggestions and comments. I have the first three chapters available for pre-view on my blog. I also have my “about me” section which is newly created. You will find the link to that page below. Thanks!

    Nathan has written a novel and if you are a reviewer, he needs you: Reviewers Needed.

4. You may like to meet Nandini Jain

Let her introduce herself.

My name is Nandini Jain, I write by the name DexterousWriter.

I’m a novice blogger and a computer science student. I love to write and express my feeling in the form of words that fill up not just the pages but also the souls, and our life! Huge fan of reading and a Potterhead, love to meet new people and visit different places and a big big foodie!

below is the link to my recent post:

thank you! 🙂

5.  If you like to do a course in bogging so that you can take your blogging to a high level, you have many options but let me propose to you Elite Blog ACADEMY. As far as blogging is concerned, Elite Blog Academy says they’ve “worked hard to figure out what works-and what doesn’t-and to put together a plan that gives you everything you need for massive success. “

Knowledge is power. When you learn how to do something, you do it better.

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