It is attainable

You think it is unattainable?
Who told you it was unattainable?
And why do you think it is
Don’t you see what others do;
I think it is attainable;
God does not give anybody a dream
Which the person cannot attain;
Why we don’t attain many
Of our dreams is
We defeat ourselves
Before we even start;
We believe it is unattainable;
And for that reason,
We don’t put in much effort;
“Why waste time and energy
On what we are sure
Cannot work?”
And because we don’t put in
Much effort,
We do not make it;
Conclusion, ‘it is unattainable.”
The secret lies in your belief;
Believe it is attainable;
Then you look for ways
To make it attainable.
You will see it is attainable.


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