What amazes me

What amazes you
About life and the world?
Many things amaze me;
But one of them comes
To my mind now,
And it is,
If you are doing something
No matter who you are
Or what it is you are doing
You will always find people
Who will believe in you;
Stand with you;
Stand for you;
Stand by you;
In short, who will help
And support you;
The world definitely, has
Some evil people;
But it has more good people;
countless good people;
And among these good people,
Many are cut
To go with you;
To be in your team;
Think about this, will you?
If you look for them,
You will find;
And if you find them, beautiful!
Form a team;
But if you cannot form a team,
Join a team;
Don’t go alone.


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