What you dismiss today

What you dismiss today,
May become the pillar
Of your life tomorrow;
The person you don’t
Like today,
May be your best friend
The person who does not
Help you today,
May help you tomorrow;
The one who does not
Love you today,
May love you tomorrow;
The vicissitudes of life.
Today, you may be against;
Tomorrow, you are for.
Today, you may be for,
Tomorrow, you may be against.
Each day has its mysteries;
Which is the mystery of life.
What you dismiss today;
Maybe what you will want
Your best friend today,
May be your worst enemy
Your worst enemy today,
May become your best friend
You cannot have an answer
To every puzzle.
Some, you will have;
Others, you will not.
What you wave off today;
May be the pillar
Of your life tomorrow.

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