Your time will come

Wait for your time
To come;
Soon, it will come;
No one can stop it;
And you cannot hasten it;
When it is time,
It is time;
That is the rule;
When the time will come
For you,
It will come;
There shall be no changing;
What will come,
Will come.
You can’t stop it;
No one can stop it;
The hands of the clock
Cannot be stopped from turning;
The clock will always tick;
On and on it will tick;
And your time will come
When it will come;
Wait for it.
You will succeed
When your time comes;
For surely i will come.


5 thoughts on “Your time will come

  1. This is one of those pieces that reveals you to either be an optimist or a pessimist. Now I read is as a hopeful, “Have patience” message but I can remember a time in my life where I would have read it as an ominous message of doom. How times change. Thanks for the eye opener 😉

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