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“If you want others to read what you write, read what others write.”(Romilia Quotes)


1. Let us take a trip into nature today. I found a sweet post,  Our Date Around Nature. It’s a really lovely one by Simple Ula with lots of good photos.  A mix of romance and nature.

2. Let us stay in the realm of nature and pay a visit to Mousa Nature Reserve. You will enjoy the sparkling beauty of nature made available to you through a rich package of pictures on this site.

3. Someone has said good parenting is more important than good schooling. That is a point. There are people who hold and I believe rightly too, that poor parenting is largely responsible for the problems we have in the world. Tanvir Kaur has written a good number of posts on parenting and I like what he says. I would like you to take a look at The Importance of Good Parenting. It’s a rich post with a good number of parenting skills that can help in the difficult task of parenting.

4. We dive into one of the most amazing photography sites on the web Photography/ S.P.’s Space of 6.Ts… where Senior Citizen Lim Soo Peng  from Malaysia gives us “one of the largest collection of Wayang or Chinese Opera stock photographs and Penang’s Cultural & Heritage stock photographs…” Please visit this site. It IS not like anything you have seen, especially, if you are from the West or AFRICA.

5. Do you need some motivation? Victory Motivation  is there to welcome you. You will find short and inspiring posts like Cheers to the Week end where Victory Motivation says we use the week end to “refuel, refresh, restart.” You may love You are enough or Endless Gratitude. In fact, it’s a rich site.

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