It’s senseless, isn’t?

I want to come back
To something
I already talked about;
Repetition, you know,
Is a good way
To drive home a point;
I noticed you were trying
To force your relationship
To work;
That is why I cautioned you;
Even if you are married;
How can you force it
To work,
If it is doomed to fail?
Have you forgotten the adage,
“You can take a horse
To the stream,
But you cannot force it
To drink water.”?
If you force a relationship,
Or a marriage,
It will only be in name;
You may have the ring
But not the marriage;
You will be the legal owner
Of the heart,
But another person may be
The real owner;
You may be getting
The flavor of the food;
While another person
Is savoring it;
You have to be vigilant;
And call it quits
If it cannot work.
I just see no need
Wasting your time
And your life
On something that is
Doomed to fail.
It’s senseless, isn’t?



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