Follow your Dreams, they know the way

I like many things in this post.

The Enchantress


 Write about a real or imagined High school reunion. Did it / your classmates live up to your expectations?

Truth be told, none of us has lived to the expectations.

The top scorers, teacher’s pet, favourites of staff, all-rounders and extremely brilliant students can sometimes land up in boring, unrewarding jobs and be called ” losers”.

The “never attended a single class” and ” barely passed” are working as Leaders and Managers, running their own business and making everyone else proud.

I was the perfect ” nobody” in college. My professors would not even remember my name yet I am the only one in my entire batch of English Honours who ended up being a Writer!

My life has always been a roller coaster. I have an academic record of always landing in top 5 students of the class. None of it helped me crack my first interview.I failed…

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