SIWO Free blog Promotion 3

Welcome to SIWO Free Blog Promotion page 3. I know you enjoy it; and also find it useful. It will even be more interesting as the days go by. Let us move on:

  1. Please, take a trip to Lauren Rogers’ blog titled
    LAUREN ROGERS started BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES because she wanted a platform that she could use to let her worries or concerns; and also write about whatever she wants whenever she wants, in the hope that it can reassure and inspire people from all around the world. According to LAUREN Rogers, the best feeling is when you know that people around the world have read what you have written. That is what keeps her going. Without encouragement, support and reassurance, she says, she would not have carried on. Lauren would like you to continue supporting her. so, let us dash off to Beautiful Butterflies, give Lauren a tap on the back


2. Carlotta is the author of inspired By ceecee.

This blog is for people who seek inspiration & encouragement from others. It has tips on being your best self and living your best life. It is Carlotta’s hope her tips will uplift every  person who reads it. 😊❤️

Let us support her efforts by visiting INSPIRED BY CEE CEE, “A blog about Inspiration, encouragement, well-being, travel, family, enjoying life, seeking peace and pursuing it !”


3. Next, let’s meet Alice DeForest. She will introduce herself:

Hello my name is Alice DeForest
I am almost retired and started blogging to share kind thoughts and hopefully bring joy to others
I am a mother of five and have 8 grandchildren, My blog is
and this post Misty is a tribute to a friend and co-worker who inspired many lives. Please, do well to visit The 59 Club
and listen to the inspirational story of Misty.
4. It is a real joy for me to invite you to meet Inspirational Leader, Mandy Kloepfer

Hear His story: “I was in a really bad car accident in 2007. I was given less than a 1% chance of living a meaningful life. I am writing this blog to inspire others to make it through whatever they are dealing with at the current moment. I hope people can get some type of inspiration and hope.”

This is amazing. My prayer is that our friend may live long, excel and keep inspiring others!

Let us support this amazing blogger and personality, Inspirational Leader.

5. Living My Life is a blog by Hayley who welcomes you with a smile:

Living my life in 321 is mainly about health, but you will come across reviews

  • Books
  • Films / TV
  • Games

You can navigate through, and have a good time with Living my life in 321.

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Happy Blogging



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