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The Prime Minister’s Forthcoming Speech At The Conservative

Theresa May is giving her speech to the Conservative Party Conference tomorrow.  She has promised that,leaving the EU will give the UK control over a “skills-based” based immigration policy. Proposals put forward include removing the cap on student visas and there will be scanning at e-gates of passports of short-stay tourists and visitors from low-risk countries, a system those from the EU are used to.  The reform system throws a wider net to reach “across the globe” and the numbers of low-skilled workers will fall.  The government has already said the status of the EU. citizens working here is secure.

French Singer Charles Aznavour Dies Aged 94

The internationally known French singer of Armenian parents, born in France.  His parents had a restaurant where his dad sang and his actress worked in the theatre.  He worked hard to achieve his success, writing over 1600 ballads, and he worked with Edith Piaf.

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