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Today we have some big blogs and posts we like you to read. Don’t forget there is no time to be reading things that are not important; or turning over pages to find something useful  to read. We’ve made it simple by selecting very useful stuff for you to read:

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  1. In The Art of Blogging, we meet a skilled blogger, Jordan Peters who gives us Are you a Blogger or Just Blogging? I love this post and it has given me tremendous enlightenment on what I should focus on as a blogger.  Please, read it. Are you a Blogger or Just Blogging?
  2. Blogging For Bloggers? These words caught my attention and I wasted no time to dive into the content of Jenny’s post. My decision turned out to be wise. I enjoyed the post and got away richer than before. When you read Jenny’s lovely post, you may be motivated to answer the questions she ends with:

    “Do you personally write posts for bloggers? Do you read blogging advice style posts? Are there any tips posts you’d like to see?” Please read:

    “Blogging for bloggers: What’s the issue?”

  3. Are you already on board the Learning Series Train with Shobha Iyer? Shobha is a wonderfully talented blogger who has been edifying readers with her Learning Series. You can read about How your body Speaks in Learning series 15 or you step back to Writing a Resume in Learning series 14. Keep going back until you get to one; and also make sure you don’t miss any of the posts from today.
  4. Do you want some motivation? Ben Aqiba is there for you. He says you can do it. In Are you broken?, Ben draws a lesson from a clock and urges us to imitate the clock. This is original and very fascinating. Ben is sure you can do as the clock does and this can open great doors of success to you. Surely, You can do it.  Tell me: what do you want? You can have it.
  5. How do you usually take mistakes? There are times when a mistake can save you. You may like to know


In Davis Squad blog Lacey talks family relationship and more. This post is one of many that you will find inspiring, enjoyable and edifying.

This is it from SIWO’s Directory today. We do encourage you to visit these blogs and meet the bloggers. Make new friends. Your visit and time will be valued; and you will make new friends.

As you move forward, don’t close your eyes on the past. One purpose of History is to help us better appreciate and manage the present and the future. See what is behind.



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