The answer is there though you may not see it

I have just found an answer I had looked for in vain for a long time. And I didn’t go far to find it. In fact, it was right at my nose, but locked inside a box which stood right there; and which I saw many times a day.

Do you know? I was seeing the box locked with a key hanging on it; but honestly, I never imagined it was the box in which the answer I was looking for for was locked.

I kept on wishing I knew how to solve the problem and almost became frustrated that I could find the solution I wanted.

Do you know my real problem? My real problem was a problem that many people have. I wanted an answer or a solution, but all I did was I wanted. I did not go out for it. I did not take time to search for it. I did no ask those I knew knew the answer.

Isn’t that what many of us do? We have a problem or we want an solution to a problem but we sit and think it will come and meet us. It will not. This is the big lesson I got.

The day I made up my mind to go all out and find an answer to my problem, I got it. I got it because I went for it; I looked for it. I decided to go to school at home for learn how to solve the problem. I searched for it and got it.

What intrigued me was how near the solution had been all along. I was seeing it every day; passing by it ever so often, but my eyes were not open to see it. I needed to learn to see it.

Learning opens our eyes to see things that we would not have otherwise seen. Learning opens our eyes to see the solutions we are looking for. Learning opens our eyes to see something in things that do not look important.

If you want to make it big, make learning an absolute part if you. Keep learning and finding solutions to the problems you encounter; acquiring new skills, empowering yourself.

Thank God who guided me to discover the solution I had been seeking. That also led me to write this post.

I hope it inspires, motivates or encourages you to go out and fight for an answer to any problems you may be facing now. If you cannot find it go to school. The web us a big school with teachers all over with answers to give you. Go to them. There is free tuition.

Education is the key to finding solutions to our problems. Learn and always learn.

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