Never ever give up

You don’t ever give up;
How many times
Have you heard this?
Doesn’t matter;
Hear it again and again;
Hear it countless times;
You don’t give up my pearl;
Yes, lovely;
You don’t ever give up,
Be an ocean of hope;
And faith;
And persistence;
You have the energy;
And born to win;
Go on;
Go ahead, and do it;
Yo are a winner;
No matter how dark
The road may be,
Stick on;
If the future is dim;
Don’t panic;
You ain’t anyone to panic;
If the night is dark,
Nothing wrong;
If you fall again
And again,
One pathway alone opens
To you,
Get up!
Or better still,
You pick yourself up
Dust yourself up so well;
And continue,
The journey is long;
It will end;
The finishing line
Awaits you;
Coz you are a winner ;
You’re born to win;
To be champion;
You must switch gears
From too fast to steady;
Fear not to change;
From fear
Change to courage;
From a weak heart,
Change to strong;
And Stick on;
Never ever give up.


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