SIWO Free blog Promotion 4

Hello everybody! We are delighted to present to you five bloggers and their blogs. They will be delighted if you visit them and lend them your support. Don’t forget that in the blogging world, we support one another.
1. First,we meet Carly who presents herself and her blog:

“Hello! I am Carly at Message In Stanza.
My blog features primarily poetry and musings. Many are spiritual in nature. But I also have photography and humor. My goal is uplift, strength faith , as well as promote well-being and other’s creativity. I have written poetry for many years but each time I post something out in the cyber world, I hope I improve daily and inspire.
Simple Praise Yields Much Fruit:
Truth and Destiny… Deliver Me:
Getting to a Closer State of Maturity:
Thank you! 🙂


2. Next is Alice DeForest:

Hello my name is Alice DeForest
I am almost retired and started blogging to share kind thoughts and hopefully bring joy to others
I am a mother of five and have 8 grandchildren, My blog is
and this post is a tribute to a friend and co-worker who inspired many lives

3. We move on to Inspirational Leader.

Mandy Kloepfer

“I was in a really bad car accident in 2007. I was given less than a 1% chance of living a meaningful life. I am writing this blog to inspire others to make it through whatever they are dealing with at the current moment. I hope people can get some type of inspiration and hope.

4. Let us meet QUANIA JOHNSON


Your name: Radhika Mishra
Name of your blog: Random musings
Summary of the blog: This site shares all shades and phases of life! Penning down poems has always helped me grow and face whatsoever was offered to me in life! I’ve shared all poems and articles on what and how I felt at that very particular moment of time or I saw the other going through!
Thank you😇
Thanks to all the lovely ,[members of this community who are ever ready to lend support to others. May you be abundantly blessed!
Kindly take a look back. Happy Blogging.



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