SIWO Global News3rd October 2018 #169

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Conservative Mayoral Challenger for the London Seat is Shaun Bailey

Shaun Bailey, the Conservative Mayoral challenger made his first speech to the party conference, he branded the Mayor, “showbiz Sadiq” for liking red carpets events and not defending the front line of knife and gun crimes.   The 2020 candidate who grew up in London got a standing ovation at the conference is a former youth worker.  He was selected following a ballot of Tory members, the London Assembly member’s campaign will attack Sadiq’s record on violent crime and delivery on housing targets.

By singling out the £15.4 million used on City Hall by the Mayor, Mr Bailey will show that, amount could have been better spent on funding 291 more police officers.

Life & Style- London Restaurants Sustainable Kitchen

The efforts of the capitals restaurants is like that of those around the world by putting sustainability on the menu.  Bread is baked from leftovers and food wrapped in beeswax at the restaurant called Spring, situated at the Somerset House, the head chef Skye Gynell has created a menu around surplus ingredients. On the pre-theatre Scratch menu fruit and vegetables are used, for example, beetroot tops and potato peelings are used for soup.  Yesterday’s bread been made into a warm bread pudding and served with gooseberry made at the Fern Verrow biodynamic farm in Hereford.  Skye hopes diners there will be encouraged, when at home to use their leftovers for new dishes thereby reducing waste.

Inspirational Story/Quotes

“All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”



Content- Evening Standard

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful  Be Joyful  Be Peaceful



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